Hours of Operation

Yes, we operate 7 days a week! Rats don't take days off.

MONDAY 7am - 8pm
TUESDAY 7am - 8pm
WEDNESDAY 7am - 8pm
THURSDAY 7am - 8pm
FRIDAY 7am - 8pm
SATURDAY 8am - 7pm
SUNDAY 10am - 6pm
For the last ten years, our company has become the preferred solution of the public when dealing with their dead animal problem. We are a family-owned and operated business. We care genuinely about the welfare of the people and the animals, and we will be committed to providing you with a dignified and careful dead animal removal service. We understand how sensitive this matter is, and it needs to be executed appropriately to ensure that the air and water will not be contaminated. Our service will add to your family's peace of mind. We are also working closely with other service providers in the area, such as the local wildlife rescue center and veterinary office. We are a part of an organization composed of caring and highly-skilled professionals that will take care of your animal problem. When choosing us as your partner, you will never be left with a significant financial burden. Our carcass removal services are among the most affordable in the state, but we will never sacrifice cleanliness, quality, and safety. Our services are not solely driven by profit, we will authentically care for our customers' welfare, and we will treat them like they are a part of our family.